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Be patient and positive but keep in mind that it takes time and skills for us guys to be able to weed out nigerian scammers and sugar babes. Sahrina works but it's not a sure-fire success. Women won't have any problems finding some great guys on Saphrina but I've been told that it requires some time if you are a man. Obviously there are much more men than women and that is what I like about the site.

Many great guys to chose from: Ive heard bad things about saphrina but it looks pretty good and it seems like women actually wanna meet up. Tried two quite popular pps before for a bit and what a waste of time not a single chat for more than one or two words. So dispite what everyone else is saying imo affair websites still seem to be the best solution to find an AP. Just my two cents. I signed up for Saphrina, and it is a complete waste of money. The site is a grave yard--there are no real women on there. I get a fake, auto-generated email about once a day from a woman who is not living in my area.

I live on the East Coast of the US, and there are over 6,, people within 20 miles of me. There are probably three times that many people within miles. I did a search, and I found about women within 50 miles of me. I email everyone one of them, and I never got a reply.

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Either the profiles are fake or the women are inactive. When I look at the number of new women who sign up, I see about one a day, world wide. Again, don't waste your money.

One of the big problems with affair dating sites is that there are tons of men and only a few women. Same here on Saphrina but at least most of the women you find are real. I 've met two women in a period of 6 months. I wasn't using Saphrina regularly though but once every few weeks. Was ist worth it? But at least I had a nice time with those women.

I know that many people are complaining about those kind of sites and I understand why.

Saphrina - The Affair Website!

But Saphrina seems to be legit. There are not tons of women like some guys claim but there are women and those are usually up for a good time. I've only come across a couple profiles of women even remotely close to me I'm always sent an email of some woman in California, Nevada, out of the country, etc. And the Email isn't from them When I Browse, all women are mixed up together I can't sort them, the only women ever online are from other countries that I find odd , and when I click Matches, all women, again, are from far states.

It's starting to seem like a scam to me. I can tell a few of the profiles are fake, but that might not be the site's fault. Also, payment takes a little while to be processed, and your description of yourself takes a while to be approved I'll see what happens here, but so far I don't see it being worth it. I've never had any luck using those kind of hookup sites but one day a friend of mine recommended Saphrina. He claimed that those women usually in their late 30s or early 40s were much more open than younger chicks so I decided to give it a try.

Best decision I have ever made! If you don't mind f older women you won't regret using this site. You can thank me later. Oh, btw, I am not married and have no gf, just enjoy hooking up with women and obviously those married chicks need it! Only issue I found using Saphrian was that there were some obviously fake profiles. Try to ignore them and don't waste your time with them. In contrast to Ashley Madison and some other sites, you're unable to even browse this site without paying upfront. But Saphrina lacks a failsafe payment mechanism, for example, gift cards, paysafe card, etc.

After the Ashley Madison hack a couple of years ago, many people won't sign onto a dating site that doesn't have a means to pay anonymously.

Saphrina - I want to have an Affair

AM now does, as do several others. I'd rather take a pass on a site like Saphrina than risk my identity being stolen and activity revealed. This site is not perfect, hell no! Especially the interface needs an update. But if you know what you are doing you can pick up some married women on this site.

After I turned 40 I kind of became my midlife crisis. I am married for 12 years and never slept with another woman since I met my wife. I am not really the type of guy women go crazy for. So picking up a woman in a bar is not really an option. Also I wanted the opportunity to have an affair with like minded people. I am not a good liar so I had to avoid traditional dating sites and also wanted to make sure that the woman I hookup with is okay with me being married. Never mind, created a profile that stands out and messaged as many women as possible.

First weeks were a pain in the butt. Had to weed through bunch of inactive profiles which never messaged me back. Was about leave this site forever but one day a lovely woman messaged me. She 38 years old, married to a real dork. We meet every second week. I guess people forgot that only 2 years ago, the site was hacked, compromising all user data.

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Or, that the site threatened to expose those who disputed their bills. Or better yet, the majority of those using it were men, and the "women" that were signed up were actually bots. To use a site like that is skeevy in and of itself, but if someone wants to risk their relationship to cheat instead of just either trying to make things work, or bite the bullet and end things , and things like this happens, well I appreciate all your comments and I acknowledge that the site was hacked in the past, and that backing out is the better option.

My question was actually more of technical "feasibility" question that my buddy brought up, as opposed to a moral question:. If you aren't happy or satisfied sexually in the relationship enough to consider going elsewhere , why are you still in it?

How to not get RATTED out on sites like AshleyMadison or Saphrina

While cheating on your spouse isn't a crime, you're asking how to get away with something that's a pretty crappy thing to do at best. If you don't want to get caught, don't do the thing that you would get caught for doing. With that said, relationships are incredibly complex things, especially as they go on and on and on over the span of years and then even decades. While I can't support cheating, I can understand it in some situations; what I can't understand are sites like Ashley Madison and stuff like this.

If its repairable try to work it out If you are considering how to cheat on your wife or girlfriend, just leave her already. Reminds me how I tried Tinder as single cheaters never prosper. My profile pic probably still floating around there.

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Consider this, whoever would rat you out probably has no business on the website themselves. I think I should have rephrased the original question as "What is the percent chance of a third party person recognizing your pic, and then ratting you out to the spouse? As in, mathematically shouldn't this happen more often, thus rendering such sites as an ineffective and morally AND fundamentally flawed business model? Yes, yes, I get the whole man up and end the relationship I was more interest in my actual technical question, like how does the whole stumble upon and recognize phenomenon not happen more often.

I appreciate your answer, but I would beg to differ because you are giving to much credit to the spouses friends and colleagues as if they are of too high moral ground to go on the websites. They were hacked a couple years ago and all their users' info got leaked. It gives you instant connection with other members in this site. With the affair site chat program, you may be able to see who is on the other side. Chat and talk to them using your connected headsets. You can also have a video chat by connecting your webcam.

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Chat requests will be attended to later on with the feature on our cheater website. Are you missing the passion? Our site gives you freedom to choose whoever you are interested in. We are a leading cheater site that offers you a wide variety of partners to choose from. Do not wait any longer, sign up for free to reap the benefits of Saphrina. Register to contact Saphrina. Man Woman Seeking a: Man Woman Date of birth: In a relationship Living together Married Separated Email address: Get Social With Saphrina.