Wot matchmaking patent

Going back to the sony example, they patented away to effective destroy the trade of second hand games. While people were running around as if the world was ending, shortly after Sony came out and announced that they would not be doing any such thing for the Ps4. I have yet to see any conclusive proof of a "rigged" matchmaker in world of tanks. Now if you start to compare Sony and Microsoft with WG we have a problem.

You try to compare an elephant with an ant. WG invented and researched There's no proof that the current matchmaking system used in World of Tanks is rigged. Personal experiences may validate an opinion, but they don't prove any fact. It's funny, because it describes several ways to do the "rigging". So question to conspiracy theorists: Indeed, when I read the post, it seemed like all that was described in a "We have these options available to us, and ideas of how to do them, but we don't currently.

From what I've seen, MM is just too random to be 'rigged'. What some may have missed is that the patent was filed on May 16, - this means that work on preparing the patent was well advanced months before WG filed their suit against Changyou. Clearly, the patent was not registered as a response to Changyou. I am quite convinced it is true.

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Remember the mod who published the MM rules on the EU board where he told that your recent winning rate influenced your MM. That thread were removed from the boards after 2 days And it fits what we see in our gaming group. You always start the day by winning everything and then after 5 or 6 games you cannot win any games anymore because the rest of your team cannot scratch their own arses without help and it will keep on being like that until you take a 3 hour break and then your shit team indicator is reset and you can have fun games again.

Anyone in doubt should collect their own evidence showing that matchmaker isnt rigged. Claiming something is fact just undermines your credibility. Every good scientist waits until something is proven right or wrong, before he publishes his work and even then it's often just a theory At least these show that your imaginary doesn't work as good as you think.

If it's indeed real, it works with minor impact on players Patent described suggest that playing a tank of tier 8 let's assume when you win, you will be more likely to play against tiers 10, while if you lose, you will be playing more against tier 8 and lower. So when good player would be punished for wining he will win less being bottom tank then being top tank , retards will be constantly losing being top players. People seem not to notice, that MM "rigging" doesnt decide if god players will be in 1 team and bad players in other. Also I think it's good that you can sometimes "rule" over the noobs.

If you are so skilled like you ever say you should have the chance to rock some matches -Mppol. Rigged MM exists and all the excuses and routing it to the conspiracy theories are just a lmae excuse. Prove it exists, please. Prove it is not. So every time you have a bad team it's MM cheating? With such a big playerbase, there have to be noobs and bad players, actually I guess there are more of these low-skilled players then the pros. So the statistical probability of getting bad match isn't negligible. Bad matches happen, noobs happen, enemy outskilling you happens, bad RNG happens.

Does the real life somehow cheat, when you get a row of bad luck events? Moreover when a basic understanding of stadistics easily explains the current WR variation. I've suspected for years this was happening. Actually if even one of the systems affecting MM described in the patent was active, such streaks would be impossible or at least highly improbable.

I have another explanation for that - chance. You got a good winning streak? Well, the fact about streaks is that they end. Let's assume that this is some kind of argument. But what about the other team? There are, as you have said, only winners there. So the whole MM is only focused on you? The left team always has worse tanks and players.

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  8. So, if it's rigged, then it's not at the same time. There is no need for proof, rigged MM is a fact There is not a single sane reason why they shouldn't rig the MM. You're doing it wrong: If you don't need proof to prove your hypothesis, you can just create your "Church of rigged MM" Claiming something for a fact just proves you are wrong. Assuming, and this is a big assumption, that there was proven manipulation of the MM going on how many of you both current "believers" and "non-believers" would continue playing? Me - I'd probably continue but it would be "just be for fun.

    If i found out that the MM is rigged right now, i wouldn't stop playing because nothing would actually change - it'd be the same MM except now i know something i didn't before. In fact, if i found out that this MM is indeed rigged, i'd if anything enjoy it more because i'd be looking for ways around said manipulation, and even ways to exploit it. As with everything i've posted in this thread, these are all my opinions though. The only fact i've presented is that streaks end XP. I guess the perpetually drunk US patent office will fall for this one as well.

    Does anyone take them seriously nowdays? Any patent office that believes Apple invented rounded corners have to be incompetent. True on so many levels. And the guy who posted the claim about rigging whines all the time about everything at Overlord's blog. Seems like WG steals his cookies every morning. Skill MM should not mean that good players are getting thrown shit at.

    Rather rule than an exception. Confirms the rigged theory. I spawn atop just about the same as in the bottom. This kind of claim is pretty unreasonable in my opinion because it's an asset that, if true, you cannot change, and you have to work around it or solve this altogether. I think i know where the ideas of MatchMaker rigging come from. I've experienced the following phenomenon: Therefore, he will forgive less mistakes from them and will be more frustrated with the lack of skill in them.

    In summary, i think this whole "rigged MM" ordeal is actually a matter of perception because the concept of "stupid" or "bad player" is relative. That is a fact. Similarly, when the player has been repeatedly put into too many easy battles, the balancing is done in favor of harder battle sessions, thereby keeping the player challenged instead of letting the player become bored with easy games. Another possible algorithm is to increase the battle level by one within the permissible range for a vehicle each time a player wins a battle with that vehicle, and decrease the battle level by one within the permissible range each time a player loses a battle with that vehicle.

    If the battle level is already at the upper end of the range and the player wins the battle, the battle level may remain constant. Similarly, if the battle level is already at the lower end of the range and the player loses the battle, the battle level may remain constant. Repetitive play can often lead to players becoming bored with a particular game. So much so that they made a patent that explains it all for you. This is all I can do for you tin foil, WG loves me too much to dup me, deniers. I like how waving a patent around means that it's implemented. Rather than a company wanting to keep a hold of something they feel is a good idea and doesn't want others to use without paying them.

    Like don't you people realize just how many patents actual go unused, and just how many of them actually manage to get renewed several times as the patent system is surprisingly easy to abuse? The fact that people somehow feel that a MM "designed" to give you something that the law of averages itself would dictate you would normally get is amazing mental gymnastics.

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    Buttknuckle, on Nov 18 - The problem is there is no definitive proof to either they do use it or they don't. So it remains speculation either way. In game tracking of results again isn't proof. There is no proof either way. What is definite is its either applied to everyone or applied to no one which makes it a mute point.

    Skill still off sets any program an allows for the effect if its applied to again be a mute point as it cant make someone better or worse in any significant degree but skill or lack of sure can. CynicalDutchie, on Nov 18 - At least not in any reliable way.

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    I would post screens but I don't care enough to be bothered. So ignore this information if you want. Tell me how this fits into the MM patent system for matching? So unless there is something in the patent I missed, I'm going to go ahead and assume they aren't currently using it to its full potential or at all. If all of you are so bent out of shape over the matching system, why don't you just find a new game to play? IF that patent is being used. Thais exactly the end result if the patent is in use.

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    Skill off sets its to a degree. In one or more arrangements, music or other audio such as speech may be included as part of the virtual world. In such instances, the audio may be outputted through speaker Client software , computer executable instructions, and other data used by processor and other components of client device may be stored RAM , ROM , nonvolatile memory or a combination thereof. Other types of memory may also be used, including both volatile and nonvolatile memory.

    Client software may include both applications and operating system software, and may include code segments, instructions, applets, pre-compiled code, compiled code, computer programs, program modules, engines, program logic, and combinations thereof. Referring now to FIG. Server may include processor , ROM , RAM , communication interface , object position database , world database , user database , server software , and a statistics database Object position database may be configured to store position information for each object e.

    A world database may store rules, algorithms and other data for interactions that are available in the world. For example, a manner in which a computer controller character moves or otherwise behaves may be defined in data stored in world database Additionally, item information may be defined in world database so that items may not be modified by each client. In another example, world database may store location information for non-object items and components.

    User database , on the other hand, may be configured to store information describing a user controlling an object. Each of databases , , , may or may not be a conventional database, and instead may refer to data stored in a memory, accessed as needed by the server software. For example, user database may in fact be a collection of multiple databases or database tables.

    Aspects described herein may also be used with other video games and are not limited to any one genre or implementation. Aspects described herein may be implemented in video game application software stored on a computer readable medium, e. Various aspects of the disclosure provide features and capabilities that enhance game play by providing options through which users can develop strategies to play the video game. According to various aspects described herein, a video game may provide a graphically stimulated virtual world or virtual environment, in which the game takes place, referred to herein interchangeably as a virtual world and as a simulated environment of the video game.

    The simulated environment may have features similar to actual geographic locations or may have fictional, science fiction or fantasy-themed environments. According to various aspects, the game may involve multi-player combat-based tournaments combined with an experience-based reward system. As users accomplish predefined tasks or achievements within the game, the player may be given one or more types of reward points or experience points. Reward points may subsequently be exchanged for in-game items, goods, features, etc. The discussion below indicates various features and items that may be researched and used, as a player develops a character or vehicle within the game.

    As players research and purchase more advanced technologies, those players advance in skill and ability, which also affects how those players should be matched against other players in the game by matchmaking server Each block in FIG. When the video game software executes on a data processing system such as a PC or game console, the modules operate collectively to provide a video game experience to a player.

    The modules illustrated in FIG.

    WG Matchmaking patent#US9610504B2 - Winrate algorythm

    The same, additional or different modules may be executed in tandem on a server with which each client device is connected. Video game software may include, e. Video game software may also include a network module , which manages network games sessions and communication with one or more game servers. A network game session may include e. A memory manager module performs memory management during execution of the video game An input module may receive and interpret user input via a game controller, keyboard, mouse, and the like, and provide the interpreted commands to game manager , network module , or other applicable module.

    UI module may manage and control the user interface, including the display displayed on the video output device, interpreting input via the input module , and providing audio output via audio module Various software modules may operate with one or more classes or objects defined and used in the video game Each object may be rendered and simulated in the virtual world in accordance with a physics engine Video game software may include other software modules as needed. Others may be used.

    Each module depicted in FIG. A first class of in-game objects may define characters in the video game. Characters may be defined by various attributes associated with the character, e. Skills may be defined based on a character's genre or task, e. A gunner may have skills such as aiming accuracy and aiming speed, a tank commander may have skills that regulate the overall efficiency of the tank crew, a driver may have skills that determine the vehicle speed or precision of direction.

    Additional character attributes may include one or more other skills that can improve performance of the character or vehicle so as to enhance the strategic gaming experience such as firefighting skills, the ability to repair vehicles, the ability to camouflage vehicles, and the like. A second class of in-game objects may define vehicles in the video game.

    Vehicles may have various attributes and functions that provide advantageous qualities to the vehicle during combat. For example, some vehicles might be fast with minimal firepower, whereas other vehicles may be slower but extremely powerful. Infinite variations of strength, speed, defense, and any other attribute are possible.

    Object module may provide an array of vehicles, vehicle components, characters and other equipment. Vehicles, vehicle components, characters and other equipment may be defined by one or more objects and instantiated during the game. Each object may have various attributes and functions and provide advantages and disadvantages based thereon. A vehicle component may refer to an upgradeable component of a vehicle, e. Object instance has an object class Character.

    Instance may acquire one or more attributes from the object class. Attributes , when examined, define a state of the instance. In this example, the Character has the following attributes: Name , Qualification , Training Level , and Competence A character may also have additional skill types Additional skill types may include Repair Skills , Firefighting skills , and Camouflage skills Other skill types, attributes, etc. Each attribute may have a particular value.


    WG Matchmaker patent - US B1 - Gameplay - World of Tanks official forum

    The attribute may have a default value inherited from the Qualification type For some attributes, a player may increase attribute value by allocating experience points, gained during gameplay, to the character. Increased attribute value enhances gameplay by improving performance of the vehicle containing the characters. For example, by allocating experience points to the gunner of a tank, the Training Level may be increased resulting in more accurate gun pointing by a vehicle containing that character, leading to improved vehicle performance during battle.

    Similarly, the effectiveness of the additional skill types is increased in accordance with the value of the skill. Increased firefighting effectiveness results in reduced damage to the vehicle in the event of a fire. By staffing a vehicle with characters having improved attributes and skills, vehicle performance is maximized allowing for a more effective performance during game play. In some embodiments, attributes might not be able to be changed.

    Qualification may not be changed; for example, a driver may not be retrained as a gunner. A character's Competence attribute refers to their ability to operate a specific vehicle type; for example a specific type of tank such as the M3 Stuart tank.

    MM patent updated/renewed in 2017, but they dont use it....sure

    Competence may be changed by retraining the character to operate the same Qualification on a different vehicle. Changing Competence may result in a decreased Training Level in the new vehicle. Additional experience points may be used to raise the Training Level in the new vehicle.

    A character may eventually be associated with multiple competence attributes—one per vehicle the character has been associated with. Object instance has an object class Vehicle. In this example, object instance is a Liechttraktor Tank and has attributes associated with tank properties. These attribute contribute to the vehicle's effectiveness in combat. Attribute types may also have an attribute value, which determines the effectiveness of the attribute function.

    One or more of the attributes, alone or in combination, may be used to assign the vehicle to a subclass. Other classes of tanks may include medium tanks and heavy tanks, among others. Subclass may be used to quickly identify to a user a general approximation of attributes associated with a vehicle without requiring the user to review each attribute in detail.

    Aspects of the disclosure involve altering object attributes in response to experience obtained within the game. Altering attributes provides for enhancing the skills of the character and enhancing properties of vehicle and vehicle components. Altered attributes provides the game player with vehicle and characters able to compete more effectively against other players. Vehicle attributes may be altered by adding or upgrading modules associated with a vehicle. A vehicle contains modules classes Each module class may contain one of a variety of module types appropriate to the module class. In one example, module classes may include Gun , Turret , Engine , Suspension , and Radio Additional modules may be added to provide additional functions or otherwise modify vehicle attributes Within each class, a vehicle may be outfitted with one module type that falls within the class.

    For example, five increasingly powerful gun types may be available within the gun class. Similarly, there may be multiple radio types within the radio class. Adding or changing a module type alters vehicle attributes based on the effectiveness of the newly installed module type. Thus, for example, if the Radio module type SCR is replaced by a more advanced module the Signal Range attribute value may increase based on a signal range value associated with the more advanced module.

    An increased Signal Range value, in turn, may allow the vehicle to detect enemies at greater distances during game play, making the player more competitive against opponents and resulting in an enhanced gameplay experience for that player. During game play e. In some embodiments, a user might gain points for a single experience class.

    In other embodiments, points may be earned for two or more different experience classes. Different experience classes may be used to gain access to different features in the game. For example, points earned in a first experience class may be used to allow a user access to a first set of game objects e. Points earned in the second experience class may be used to allow a user access to a different set of game objects than the first experience class. The first and second sets may share some objects in common, or may instead be completely distinct. In one example, where the first experience class is battle experience, battle experience may be used to unlock any object in the same tech tree as the vehicle in which the battle experience was earned, but may not be used to unlock objects not in the same tech tree as the vehicle in which the experience was earned.

    In this example, where the second experience is free experience, the free experience may be used to unlock any object in any tech tree, regardless of the vehicle in which the free experience was earned. Primary Currency is the main route for players to acquire upgraded vehicles, modules, and personnel. In some embodiments, the software may allow some or all of a first experience class to be converted into one or more of the different experience classes.

    In some aspects, such conversion may only be permitted when a predetermined condition is met. Various predetermined conditions may be imposed. For example, the software may prevent conversion until a vehicle has been upgraded to a particular status.

    For example, all objects in the same tech tree as a vehicle might be required to be unlocked before conversion from the first experience class to the second experience class is permitted.